Launches a Major Website Today Expecting Millions of Visitors Ahead of Political Test for Egypt and Middle East Democracy is the complete encyclopaedia for Egypt and the run for its political reform and presidential elections. I can’t find better words to put to describe the site.”

(PRWEB) February 19, 2005 -- launches a major website today to cover all events and news for the upcoming Egyptian presidential referendum in 2005, and covers all aspects of political arguments in Egypt and the Middle East, where there is a longing for democracy.

“We expect at least 10 million hits every month once the site have been launched in full,” said Sam Okba the Webmaster of

“Egyptian democracy requires political reform, combating corruption, presidential elections and amendments to the constitution and I think we are now heading towards that path. The Egyptian election will be as big as the USA election when it comes to media coverage” said Sam Okba.

Egypt has played an important part in the world regarding Middle East peace and Israeli security as well as serving the Western European and USA investment and interest in the region. Russia, France and China will be monitoring closely the election in Egypt and therefore the outcome will be of interest worldwide. is the complete encyclopaedia for Egypt and the run-up to its political reform and presidential elections. After 24 years of autocratic Presidency will Egypt be ready for change or is it a case of election, selection, nomination or duration.

We cover huge areas of interest about Egypt for every age, gender and background no matter where our visitors come from worldwide. We talk about democracy or monocracy and what will the year 2005 bring to the people of Egypt and the Middle East with America now demanding democracy? covers all news and stories and gives the up to date information for Egypt and Middle East political and social matters.

Only a few people have announced their intention to run for the presidency as independent candidates. forum has reflected the individuals views for many issues and now the polling result will give a better idea about what the people of Egypt really want.