ExtrusioVinyl & Plastics Co. Inc. & its Division, Direct Window Fashions / Decoration Direct -- Exclusive Wood Grain Technology Patent Granted

ExtrusioVinyl & Plastics Co. Inc. (EVP) receives its patent for its wood grain simulation technology for horizontal blinds

LAVAL, Quebec, Canada (PRWEB) February 3, 2005 -- ExtrusioVinyl & Plastics Co. Inc. (EVP) is pleased to announce that its Canadian patent application with respect to veining simulation in extruded resin products has been granted by the Canadian Patent Office. This technology permits a realistic simulation of wood grain coloration nuances in the company’s extrusions, thus rendering a more natural appearance to the product, while retaining the in-use performance superiorities of extruded products over natural wood. This technology is currently being employed in EVP’s extrusions for horizontal window coverings slats, and marketed by its Direct Window Fashions / Decoration Direct division. Please, visit our website at www.decorationdirecte.com

According to EVP Vice-President, Carmine Franco, “This patent is very important not only to EVP but also to the Canadian plastics industry as a whole. Since releasing this new product to the market, inexpensive copies of our technology have rapidly entered the market, distributed by other companies active in the window covering business. These imports are a flagrant violation of EVP’s intellectual property rights and the granting of this patent establishes the legal grounds to protect our domestic manufacturing against the incursions of imports from counties not having to adhere to the same labour standards which we in Canada have come to expect. With this patent now granted, EVP intends to exercise to the fullest extent available its options available to protect the intellectual property developed by its Canadian personnel. The future of Canadian industry depends on its continuing development of industrial technology and patent protection and enforcement are essential weapons in the fight against predatory pricing by importers based on cheap labour economies.”

EVP is a fully-integrated manufacturer of window covering products sold both to fabricators and direct to retailers through its Direct Window Fashions / Decoration Direct division. EVP also extrudes PVC and polystyrene profiles for the building trade and medical tubing through its Med+Plast subsidiary and, as well, provides a custom extrusion service for a variety of companies.

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Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/2/prweb204262.htm