INFINIUM Architectural Walls Announces Breakthrough in Office Privacy

Independent testing of the new INFINIUM Architectural Wall System achieves superior acoustical privacy with all of the advantages of movable wall and partitions in office interior design.

(PRWEB) December 31, 2004 -- Many studies have shown that office noise is associated with lower productivity and increased stress. Interior designers, architects and facilities managers have had difficulty finding a full height wall system that provides all the benefits of movable walls plus a superior level of acoustical privacy. That is until now! INFINIUM has taken another major step in achieving its goal of designing and engineering movable wall products that far exceed performance capabilities of other wall systems.

During recent independent testing at the internationally accredited Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory, INFINIUM achieved an unprecedented 50 STC (Sound Transmission Classification). The testing was conducted according to stringent ASTM E90 standards, the industry benchmark for product comparisons. INFINIUM chose to use the largest chamber opening size permitted (9’ x 14’) to test multiple panels simulating actual field conditions.

"Walls are meant to provide privacy. But one of the weaknesses that have plagued the market for years was the inability of a movable wall system to provide an acceptable level of privacy. Most full height movable wall manufacturers don't even test their product and, if they do, are reluctant to publish the results. Some test in a smaller opening assuming they will receive better results. Our results are unprecedented and represent a major breakthrough in acoustical performance", said product expert and INFINIUM President, Shawn Gaffney.

According to published results and based on acoustical calculations INFINIUMS’ 50 STC performance yields a movable wall that is approximately 25 times quieter than typical drywall construction and at least 10 times quieter than any other movable wall product on the market today.

"Voice and noise privacy are paramount to an effective office environment". Mr. Gaffney continued, "INFINIUM is the first to combine all the benefits of movable walls with superior acoustical performance".

INFINIUMS’ Wall System is the first movable wall to provide the privacy needed in today's office environment. Additionally, it was designed and engineered to fully integrate with furniture, communications and power with multiple elevation and design options.

Borne of experience, INFINIUM Architectural Wall Systems is a synergy of European flair, sustainable engineering and uncompromising customer fulfillment. Customers receive expert solutions with personal support from office interior design and aesthetic vision through engineering, project logistics, construction, and completed installation.

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