Infinium Architectural Walls Launches “Uni-Mountable, Press-Fit” Interior Office Wall System

Infinium Office Wall Systems are better for our environment, are lower in cost, and are easier to install because of uni-mountable, press-fit design.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) March 30, 2005 -- Infinium Architectural Wall Systems has re-defined movable walls by combining its patented “Press-Fit” technology with its newly developed “Uni-Mountable” technology. “Uni-Mountable” technology combines the simplicity and speed of unitized, modular wall panel systems with the convenience and accessibility of demountable wall systems.

Most pre-fabricated wall systems are designed for specific wall functions such as executive offices, managerial offices, glass fronts, technology integration, shop floor offices and even clean rooms. The challenge was to integrate all of these application characteristics into a single wall system.

“We weren’t going to limit our customer by providing just a demountable system or just a unitized system. We were going to provide the best features of both”, said Shawn Gaffney, Founder and President of Infinium Architectural Wall Systems.

“After listening to our customers’ and viewing their businesses as a whole we were faced with the challenge of developing a single system that met numerous requirements. They needed a system with few parts and pieces that installed rapidly and provided easy access for technology. They also wanted the system to provide a variety of aesthetic choices and design options to project the correct company image while meeting the functional needs of their entire business.”

Combining its patented press fit technology with uni-mountability, Infinium developed a unitized, demountable full height wall panel system consisting of only seven parts that meets the requirements of the entire building interior, is lower cost and is better for our environment.

“By blending the two technologies we now have a single platform with only seven components that can be used on the production floor, in the computer room, executive offices, managerial offices, conference rooms and clean rooms, continued Mr. Gaffney. One system that serves the general and specific needs of our customers.”

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