Expands its Secure Messaging Capability and Support to Canadian, British and Australian Communities

"Requests for support from Canadian, British and Australian parties has led into three new marketplaces. That's exciting to us." says John Tummolo, President.

(PRWEB) January 3, 2005 -- ABB ABBIEL LLC., the company behind the increasingly popular brand, announced today it will now provide full support for secure messaging communities originating from within Canadian, British and Australian communities. "These are our some of our allies and they should be provided with access to the high-quality capabilities and support our turnkey secure messaging solution provides" says Mr. Tummolo. "From early on in 2004, they clearly recognized the superior differences between our secure and fully-supported messaging solution when compared against other web messaging offerings" says Mr. Tummolo. "Now they can benefit from our affordable and fully-supported secure web messaging solution. We want to enable them to say, 'this is my community link because security and support matter'".

"Additional plans are in the works to rollout the solution and support into additional global marketplaces. With at least one community now in every U.S. State by this year's end, we are incredibly excited about our upside prospects for 2005." says Mr. Jon Roberts, Senior Marketing representative. "We have created an improved and affordable technological capability leveraging existing Internet protocols, developed the proprietary server-side software, filed the protective patent work, launched the product, and defined and penetrated our marketplaces. We own it and we've crossed all of our 'Ts' and dotted our 'Is'" too. We're very proud of these accomplishments. We have attracted major first-round venture capital equity funding attention and we are poised to continue our successes during 2005. Our competitors can't compete at our price points and deliver our performance levels or our capabilities. We are destined to own the full-service secure turnkey messaging solution marketplace and our introduction of support for these three new key marketplaces is our slow, and steady, advance towards our market dominance." says Mr. Tummolo.

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