A “New” Ancient Science Reveals How to Solve 80% of Today’s Problems

“Most of the world is built wrong. That’s why there is huge depression and people are facing so many terrible situations.” says Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami— one of India’s most highly regarded modern-day saints. He is coming to the US January 21-24, 2005 to present groundbreaking, ancient knowledge on the proper design and construction of buildings as a remedy for the increasing fear and suffering in the world.

Whether to restore a person’s health, fix relationship problems or boost a person’s influence and success at work, according to Sri Kaleshwar, many of life’s problems can be solved with Kaleshwara Vaastu™(pronounced Vah-stu)–– a practical, new and easy-to-follow application of the ancient Vedic science of architecture, especially designed to meet the needs of a modern audience.

“The reality of this age is that the vibrations are 75% negative and only 25% positive. Heartbreak is increasing in the world,” states Sri Kaleshwar. “People are facing unnecessary problems, many headaches and worries. They have good hearts; they want to live their lives peacefully. They are doing their maximum best, but don’t know what they are doing wrong.” Then, the founder of Kaleshwara Vaastu™ clarifies:” It’s only the Vaastu. They live in bad Vaastu—in homes that are not aligned with the laws of nature. But, don’t worry. You can fix your life by following these principles. Vaastu can solve 80% of life’s problems.”

Based on the understanding of how the elemental forces of nature and the cardinal directions relate to each other, Kaleshwara Vaastu™ offers a way to invite nature’s protection—a practical formula to gain the support of nature and subdue its negative force. Kaleshwara Vaastu™ applies this knowledge through four main principles to create living and working spaces that are not only a “refuge from the chaos and confusion of the outer world,” but also an effective tool to provide what we seek most in life: prosperity, peace, good health, success and happiness.

For example, the character of the “water” element is that it amplifies energy; so, when placed in the northeast of a property—the repository of wealth and wisdom—it brings tremendous peace, abundance and success, while water in the southwest constitutes a severe Vaastu defect. It poses a life risk and creates tragedy, chronic illness, ruin, immoral behavior (i.e.infidelity) and unnatural death.

Sri Kaleshwar has tested and implemented the principles of Kaleshwara Vaastu™ in homes across the world and helped thousands of people.

Now, he has written a comprehensive book, entitled ”Victory Through Vaastu—Transforming Your Life Through the Ancient Science of Vedic Architecture”, to further help the world grasp the depth and influence that Vaastu has on every aspect of our lives. It gives clear step-by-step instructions and demonstrates the principles and applications with over 150 illustrations and many case studies. The author believes direct experience is undeniable proof. “The results speak for themselves. Test it. 100% Vaastu will change your life.”

Deva Group Enterprises LLC, the Seattle-based publishers of his books, is sponsoring the “Victory Through Vaastu” US tour with this unique and contemporary saint January 21-24 in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denver. This young visionary will present Kaleshwara Vaastu™ for the first time to the West, showing how we can re-build our future free from fear and heartbreak.

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