Nicky, Age Three, Creates the Duplo Gates, Temporary Installation Art

3-year-old Nicky constructs and demolishes the Duplo Gates as documented at This temporary work of installation and performance art was inspired by Christo's Central Park Gates.

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) February 20, 2005 -- Proud papa Harold Davis, CEO of, says, “Nicky must have seen some of the television footage of the Christo Gates in Central Park. It took him less then fifteen minutes to construct the Duplo Gates, and (with help from his brothers) less than five seconds to demolish the Duplo Gates. You can see installation documentation at”

Segments of the Duplo Gates installation include Thomas the Tank Engine Gate, Horsey Gate, Room Gate, and Potty Gate.

Nicky states: “That was fun, let’s do it again! I want to play with my trains now.”

Nicky’s father, goes on to say, “I think he may have been inspired by the Somerville Gates (, or the Crackers (, although I’m not really sure how he saw those. Nicky said he though the Crackers looked tasty. Anyway, after seeing some footage of the Christo installation, he sat down with his finger paints to do a few sketches, and right after that just created the Duplo Gates.”

Note: DUPLO blocks are large-sized LEGO blocks, intended for younger children. Both DUPLO and LEGO are trademarks of the LEGO Company.

About Nicky
Nicky, American, b. 2001, is currently enrolled in preschool. When not creating temporary installation art, he is happy playing with his trains and friends. Before becoming interested in Thomas the Tank Engine and Duplo blocks, Nicky was fascinated by Teletubbies. Nicky’s hobbies include blowing bubbles in his milk, jumping on the couch, and splashing in puddles in his red rain boots.

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