Recycled and Salvaged Materials from Maine are Transformed into Pragmatic and Artistic Home or Office Goods

Portland, small local business has built its entire stock for furniture fabrication from one of Maine's most abundant and over-sought resources, old junk. Random Studio Maine is committed to create contemporary designs with antique flare from salvaged wood and materials pulled from old barns, homes, and garages.

(PRWEB) April 13, 2005 -- Random Studio Maine
Everyone has junk. Everyone has old stuff heading to goodwill, or a bonfire pit in the backyard. In Maine, many people have barns and homes built in the 1800's that have become a relic ready to be torn down, renovated, or appreciated at its present decomposed state until it falls down on its own. Within these structure are old doors, stacks of aged lumber, windows with panes missing, stable tools, rusted metal pipes and antiques.

What Random Studio Maine (RSM) is doing is taken these objects and preserving them in their present state within contemporary furnishings. Doors and boards with chipping paint are not sanded to look new but layers are taken off to reveal what is underneath and expose the lifeline of the artifact. After, they are straightened, squared, and used to build table tops, mirror and fine art frames, or japanese influenced screens and room dividers. The end result is a dichotomy between old and new flowing in sync. Also, with the use of green products and finishing materials combined with the underlying theme of recycling, RSM is maintaining a symbiotic relationship with its environment.

Random Studio Maine is not a re-finishing business but is in the business of re-introducing historic fragments into modern life.