You Can Always Trust a Naked Carpenter

Devi DeLavie is a fine artist and master craftsman. All he was doing was trying to keep cool in the blistering heat of an Arizona Summer. His sense of humor in response to an embarrassing situation has endeared him even more to his patrons and spawned a new metaphor for life.

(PRWEB) January 23, 2005 -- So there he was, quietly installing an oak floor in a house in Camp Verde Arizona. The temperature that day was 100 degrees and he was sweaty and uncomfortable. He was completely alone in a remote location so he did what came naturally; he stripped down to nothing but his shoes and tool belt. Suddenly, in walks a strange man who introduced himself by saying, “ Hi, I’m Bill, a friend of Joe’s. I’ve heard about this strawbale house and have always wanted to see it. Do you mind if I look around?” Undaunted, Devi said “Hi, Bill, I’m ... the naked carpenter. Sure have a look around.” Bill left briefly and returned with his wife. “Honey,” he said, “This is the naked carpenter.” The couple explored the home and left with a thank you.

End of story? Not yet. The next day, Joe, the owner of the house stopped by to check on the progress. “I guess I’ll have to call you the naked carpenter from now on.” He said with a smile. They both got a chuckle out of the situation.

End of story? Nope. The lady that was buying Joe’s home met with the carpenter and asked if he would work on the house some more for her. “You know,” she said “You do great work but it’s the fact that Joe calls you the naked carpenter, that really clinched my decision to hire you. Do you have any business cards?” Being the resourceful fellow that he was, he took a photo of himself and printed out one sheet of business cards as a gift for his new client. Cute right? Well she ended up giving away all the cards to her lady friends and asked for more. Suddenly "The Naked Carpenter" was a hot commodity.

What’s a self-employed entrepreneur to do? He went to the web. "I started thinking," he said "This term naked carpenter could really be a metaphor for life on this planet. I mean, we are born totally naked and helpless, we acquire a handful of tools along the way, and then we try our best to build a life. There's something exceedingly noble about that aspect of the human spirit." His new site is and is the home for calendars and t-shirts that proclaim “You Can Always Trust a naked carpenter™”. With more products and more about his philosophy on the way, I’m suggesting that this could “bare” a closer look.

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