Brand New Twist to “New Home” Ownership

The New Home Program - 5% Down Buys The Land - 100% Financing On Labor And Material Cost - 20% Equity Or More Upon Completion - We Don't Require Perfect Credit - Over 40,000 Homes Built

(PRWEB) March 24, 2005 -- FGG specializes in helping people become qualified to be a New Home owner when they felt there was no possibility. FGG has gone Nationwide with their exciting new method of getting people qualified for New Home Ownership. Alex Jakubowski, the President of FGG stated, “This is a very rewarding business, everyday people are qualifying for their Dream Home. The biggest problem we have is people prejudging their ability to qualify. People who have been turned down several times are amazed they have qualified for their own New Home. Last week one of our clients, had been turned down for a Credit Card the week before, then qualified for a New $200,000 Home through our FGG program. ”

The company says there is a few criteria customers must meet before they are approved to take part in the program. Applicants must have a down payment equal to 5 percent of the land value; they must have a household income of approximately $40,000, and they must agree to act as project manager.

If clients already own their land, no down payment is required.

Clients may choose from 22 styles of homes – ranch, two-story, split-level, etc. – with three to five bedrooms.

All homes are stick built from the ground up and range in size from 1,200 square feet to 2,800 square feet.

Clients must complete their home within 1 year of receiving their loan. No payments are due until the clients have moved into their new home.

Mr. Jakubowski said, “One of the major strengths of our program is clients can easily build equity into their New Home by acting as their own project manager. By doing this our clients have more control over the building process. They will select their own land, apply for permits and hire contractors and our agency helps assist with each process.”    

The program guarantees at least 20 percent equity on the very first day clients move into their homes.

Upon completion of the home, homeowners get a mortgage from the lending institution of their choice and pay the construction loan.

David Allen SR a representative of FGG, puts potential homebuilder's in touch with the agency that offers the loans.

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