Celtic Jazz Blooms in the Arizona Desert with New CD Release Celtic Lines by Subterranean Jazz

Phoenix, AZ Celtic Jazz is alive and well and growing in the Arizona desert of all places! Celtic Lines is the new CD from Phoenix based Subterranean Jazz a truly original jazz group.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) April 21, 2005 -- Celtic Jazz is alive and flourishing in the Arizona desert. William Wallace meets Wyatt Earp no less!! This is not as strange as it sounds! Celtic Lines is the new CD from Subterranean Jazz. This is the 3rd CD release from the Phoenix-based improvisers. Celtic Lines features some traditional Celtic music but also refers to a thread flowing through the music rather than a blend of pure Celtic and jazz.

“We wanted to do something that was original and also something that was true to who we were.” said Jimmy Peggie the group’s bassist. “Tom Clohessy and I are the main songwriters and we both have strong ties to Ireland and Scotland. It seemed only natural that our heritage would surface in our music. The goal was to convey something that was both personal and honest. ’

The music herein is best described as jazz with an undercurrent of Celtic sensibility. The grooves are international or oblivious to genre; but you can also hear some dub, reggae, end even some Latin grooves influenced perhaps by the reggae clubs of Edinburgh or ‘Come Dancing’ on the BBC on a Sunday night.

"My family's roots are in County Clare and Limerick. said Tom Clohessy. In 1974 I was over in England at the Cambridge Folk Festival and saw Planxty from Ireland and the harpist Alan Stivell from Brittany. Hearing them was like "coming home" and I took to everything connected with them like a fish to water."

Jimmy Peggie was born in Perth in Scotland. Along with his work with Subterranean Jazz he has recorded in a number of different musical situations including Irish band the Clare Voyants and also with Irish singer Brid Dower.

The CD can be purchased online from distributors Bathtub Music at www.bathtubmusic.com. Their two previously released CDs, 'Subway Sonnets' and 'Subterranean' are also available there.

About Subterranean Jazz
Subterranean Jazz is a Phoenix, Arizona jazz group playing original, improvisational music which highlights danceable grooves from around the world while maintaining the creative edge of straight-ahead jazz. The quartet features Tom Clohessy on tenor sax, Jimmy Peggie on double bass, Dave Sorensen on drums, and Jeff Lauffer on guitar. Their website is http://www.subjazz.com.


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