Well At Least Satan Has His Priorities Straight - College Girl Sells Soul for Bigger Breasts

'It Ain't Easy Being Bad' Chosen As Title Track For Faustian Teen Comedy Flick 'I Wish These Were Brains'

(PRWEB) April 18, 2005 -- Skuy Studios, an independent LA based production company, has chosen a song by GarageBand.com artist All Men Are Dogs for their future feature film release "I Wish These Were Brains."

The movie tells the story of a young woman who unwittingly sells her soul to the devil.

The company recently made news (Yahoo Newswire) with a novel promotion offering free tickets to moviegoers who take a simple survey and help write and cast the film.

The story can be found @ http://yahoo.iWishTHESEWereBrains.com

The survey can be found @ http://iWishTHESEwereBrains.com

Hamm Samskil executive producer of the film found the song while surfing GarageBand.com a popular music site featuring up and coming artists.

Said Samskil, "Anabel, the lanky sultry blonde lead singer of this group has a dynamic dynamite voice that's a melodic blend of Gwen Stefani and Madonna. This song 'It Ain't Easy Being Bad' expresses one of the fundamental themes of the movie. You can't change what you are. What you were born to be. We think it's perfect for the title song. And at 150 beats per minute it's an energizing house dance tune.

"Judging by people's reaction at the survey site this song is going to be a huge hit. We're considering songs by several other GarageBand.com artists for use in the film. It's an incredible resource with a wealth of undiscovered new talent like Anabel."

Listen to 'It Ain't Easy Being Bad' @ http://mp3.IwishTHESEwereBrains.com

'I Wish These Were Brains' is scheduled to begin shooting in September 2005. Casting is currenly in progress.

About Skuy Studios
Hamm Samskil and Peter Johnson are the CEO and CFO, respectively, of Skuy Studios production company. After producing numerous films in Great Britain the duo set up shop in Los Angeles. 'I Wish THESE Were Brains' will be their first production in the U.S.

About GarageBand.com
GarageBand.com http://GarageBand.com offers a range of free and paid services to musicians, such as gig promotion and advice from industry experts. At the core of these services is their patent-pending review process. They use the opinions of their giant community to rank new music. Hundreds of thousands of listeners test and critique new songs to a degree impossible before the advent of online communities. The result of this natural selection is an objective and well-organized ranking of the best new independent music.


Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/4/prweb229786.htm