Gunmetal Group Inc. Brings Military Technical Advising for Film and TV into the 21st Century

The proliferation of military shows and films being produced by Hollywood has reached an all time high. When portraying real life situations and heroes, producers and directors seek military realism. Military technical advisors are there to meet those needs.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 14, 2005 -- Not since WWII has Hollywood packed up its sea bags, said goodbye to home and gone to war with the troops. The proliferation of film and TV projects that center themselves on the U.S. Military has created a demand for a new sense of ‘realism’ in today’s entertainment industry.

TV/Film Projects
• Three cable channels devoted to the military.
• Award-winning producer Steven Bochco’s hour long drama series, Over There
• Established military based shows, JAG and NCIS.
• Threshold, on CBS, from producers David Heyman and David Goyer.
• No True Glory: The Battle for Fallujah, set to star Harrison Ford.
• Gunner Palace, a documentary opening March 4, 2005.
• And others.

Producers, directors and writers alike are aware that with 24/7 news channels like CNN, covering real time stories from the front lines, today’s audiences are inundated with the realities of war and therefore demand the same realism and accuracy when it comes to fictional stories. That’s where Gunmetal steps in.

Gunmetal brings a revolutionary approach to military technical advising. In the past military advising companies have used a single person approach; not Gunmetal. Gunmetal focuses on teamwork and small unit leadership, bringing in their own group of military trained professionals to lend their expertise to every aspect of the production process.

Gunmetal’s services include: script advising, actor training, boot camps, tactical coordination, vehicle drivers, video game technical advising, weapons training, historical military advising and training, and advising on military customs and courtesies.

Gunmetal is poised to bring military realism for film and television into the 21st Century. Experience the reality for yourself.