Mike Bromell: Joining Forces with IGI to Create a Memorable "Masterpiece"

Mike Bromell is combining entrepreneural talents with the support of International Galleries, Inc. to create a very bright future in the business opportunity arena ...

(PRWEB) April 16, 2005 -- There is a saying in life that when opportunity knocks, one had best open the door quickly as that opportunity might never happen again. And in the case of Mike Bromell, that opportunity knock was answered recently as Bromell has recently joined the growing family of business associates involved with a Texas based company called IGI. "I have a large number of clients who have recently moved over to IGI and are making the type of incomes that caught my attention immediately, " said Bromell, marketing manager for Smart Age Media, "and this business opportunity intrigues me so much that I have told a few folks I may change my first name of Mike to Michelangelo as a sign of my commitment to the IGI opportunity!"

IGI (International Galleries Incorporated) is based in Addison, Texas and has the exclusive rights to selected works of numerous up and coming artists whose subjects reflect the classic themes, landscapes, wildlife, abstract, portraiture and religious. "What is great is each work is exclusive to IGI and cannot be purchased elsewhere," said Bromell, "and the pieces are offered in limited editions of 200,350, 500, 650, 1000, 1500 and 2000 quantities. When a limited edition is sold out it will never again be reproduced. And with limited editions you have excellent appreciation potential."

IGI's limited edition reproductions are created through a process called Giclee (pronounced gee-clay) and IGI produces its Giclees at its Addison headquarters facility. Giclees are of such phenomenal quality that even some art experts have difficulty telling a Giclee from an original and this fact has prompted museums and collectors to substitute Giclees for originals, thereby safeguarding priceless works in vaults. "Each limited edition that is purchased is accompanied by a "Certificate of Authencity" that is signed by the actual artist, " said Bromell. "As this COA validates the limited edition, it should be safeguarded for resale purposes and/or insurance valuations."

IGI does not sell art through traditional outlets like galleries or interior decorators. "IGI is currently the #1 purchaser of art canvas in the world today," said Bromell, "and in the past 18 months have sales of $40 million dollars with 50% being paid back to their member base. IGI relies solely on satisfied art patrons to make referrals to family members, friends & other associates and has developed an unprecented rewards program. This is not network marketing and not a program that promotes a "system in place that will do all the selling and telling". This is a real company with a tremendous management team promoting a very lucrative business opportunity working in the field of collectible artwork pieces. I have a large number of clients that use Smart Age Media services to promote Potions, Lotions, Travel, Self Improvement and Real Estate Options and IGI is the most impressive program in the marketplace today."

Bromell is anxious to talk with entrepreneurs nationally that are serious about changing their career. "With my background as marketing manager for Smart Age Media, I bring a lot of expertise in lead generation, press release development and training to help individuals reach their goals. IGI is as solid of opportunity as anything I have seen in the past 15 years and should have a high level of interest for anyone willing to spend 5 minutes to review online information." Interested parties can contact Mike Bromell directly @ 512 246 6334 or by going online @ http://www.mbromell.igi-art.com. "Upon entering my website, interested parties should do the following: A) sign up for your free affiliate website B)click on IGI-TV and view the 2 videos at the top of the page. And then call me up and let's help you get started with the finest business opportunity in the marketplace today!"

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Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/4/prweb229497.htm