Morgan Freemon - Return of the Prodigal Son - Mr. Freeman Shares His Migration Story with Producer Naimah Fuller - Dr. Maya Angelou Also Shares Her Story

Shooting continues on the documentary film, "The Great Migration of the 21st Century," on-location in New York City. April 15th with painter McArthur Binion, of Chicago, who is currently exhibiting in New York, and April 18th with Howard Dodson, director of the Schomburg Center in New York City. Naimah Fuller, Producer/Director/Writer and Bashiri Johnson, Executive Producer.

(PRWEB) April 17, 2005 -- Producer/Writer/Director Naimah Fuller continues production on the documentary film project, "The Great Migration Of The 21st Century," shooting on location in New York City with Howard Dodson, Director of the Schomburg Center, and co-author of the National Geographic publication, "In Motion: The African American Migration Experience." London, England is the next and final location on the production schedule.

Other Contirbutors to this historical project include:
Dr. Phillip J. Bowman, PhD. of The university Of Illnois at Chicago, Rev. CT Vivian, Civil Rights Veteran (Atlanta, GA), Vernon Jones, CEO DeKalb County (Metro Atlanta), Jason Lary, Concert Promoter (Lithonia, GA), Dr. Eldridge White, PhD., of Morehouse College (Atlanta, GA), Elaine Brown, Former Chairwoman of the Black Panther Party, (Brunswick, GA), Dr. Kristy Woods, Director of the Maya Angelou Research Center on Minority Health, (Winston-Salem, NC), Erica Balthrop & Family (Clarksdale, Mississippi), Circuit Judge D'Army Bailey, Founder of The Nation Civil Rights Museum (Memphis, TN), Attorney Bill Luckett-co-owner of Ground Zero Blues Cafe (Clarksdale, Mississippi), Prietess Miriam Willisms (New Orleans, LA), Charles Johnson, Sweet Auburn Festival (Atlanta, GA), Dr. Eric Brown & Family (Charlotte, NC), McArthur Binion, Painter (McArthur Binion Art Gallery- Chicago, IL).

Between 1910 and 1970, 6 million African-Americans left the Deep South. Over the past decade, more than 1 million have relocated to the South. The documentary film "The Great Migration of the 21st Century", explores the phenonmeon of African Americans migrating in this century. One of the questions the film seeks to answer is; Why are African Americans moving to the South, land of the Klu Klux Klan, where the Prince of Peace, Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered, where black children and churches were bombed, where a thirteen year old boy named Emmett Til was tortured and beaten to death for whistling at a white woman? And why now? "The Great Migration of the 21st Century" explores this sociological phenomenon, and its and historical relevance.

Dr. Phillip Bowman also poses the question..."Is this current migragtion, in the 21st Century part of a national Urban Planning Policy called "gentrification", that is forcing African Americans out of Northern Urban communities, back South? There is also the question of the larger global migration picture, which is affecting Africans throughout the Dispora..."

Dr. Phillip J. Bowman, Ph.D, is the Director Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, and Professor African American Studies, Urban Planning and Policy of University of Illinois at Chicago, who shares an insightful prospective on the International trend of Africans of the Diaspora, who are targeting the Southeastern states in the U.S. as their destination of choice.

Producer Naimah Fuller is the creator of the "Urban Saga Series", a six part series focusing on cutting-edge issues concerning minority communities. Ms. Fuller is also the writer of the Ace nominated documentary film "Choices:, which explores life behind prison walls. Choices was hosted by Laurence Fishburn, Martin Sheen, and Ella Joyce, and aired on the Discovery Channel, and Court TV.

Earthlight Media is a Film/Video Production Conmpany, committed to producing cutting-edge media products for a diverse audience. "Urban Saga Series" is a six series project that explores the stories of America's diverse urban minority communities.

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