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(PRWEB) April 21, 2005 -- Here is a small sample of Nurse Practitioner Jobs you can find on the Nurse Practitioner Jobs & Career Center.

04-20 nurse practitioner jobs Florida—Ft. Lauderdale; Sheridan Emergency Physicians full-time Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) within a designated Fast Track setting.

04-19 nurse practitioner jobs Emergency Department Nurse Practitioner Job - The Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

04-18 nurse practitioner jobs Certified Nurse Midwife Opportunity Busy OB/GYN practice in Houston/Pasadena TX and Nurse Practitioner job:Emergency Medicine Pittsburgh, PA

04-16 nurse practitioner jobs Nurse Practitioner: Facey Medical Foundation located in Mission Hills Must have OB/GYN experience, and Cardiology Nurse Practitioner practice in Greenville TX. ICU/CCU

04-15 nurse practitioner jobs GA Cardiology Nurse Practitioner and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner jobs-Kansas military facility.

04-13 nurse practitioner jobs Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Acute Care Certified Nurse Practitioners and ICU Nurse Practitioners

04-12 nurse practitioner jobs Metro Health Michigan Nurse Practitioner; family practice Nurse Practitioners,internal medicine Nurse Practitioners,and OB/GYN Nurse Practitioners.

04-06 nurse practitioner jobs Orthopedic Nurse Practitioners, Oncology - Outpatient Nurse Practitioner Job Houston and Nurse Practitioner Hematology/BMT Health Science center, University of Utah

04-05 nurse practitioner jobs PEDIATRIC Nurse Practitioner JOB HOUSTON also Nurse Practitioner job, ER experience helpful and St Louis, MO Nurse Practitioner job in Pulmonary Care

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