See the Outstanding Winners of the National Christian Art Competition

Announcing the Winners of the ART for GOD, first National Christian Art Competition.

(PRWEB) April 22, 2005 -- ART for GOD is delighted and eager to share this art with the world. As artist, writer, speaker and owner of ART for GOD, Stephen Sawyer has encouraged others to "Tithe Your Talents" for over ten years. And now we see the humble but outstanding beginnings of this art ministry bearing fruit in the first National Christian Art Competition.

The "NCAC" was started in 2004. This is a unique art competition. Singular in scope and purpose the NCAC is reaching an audience where all levels of artistic progress intimately understand they are welcomed and honored. Destined to become a legacy and foundation for the growth and promotion of Christian artists world-wide, it is quickly becoming a vision shared by thousands.

The NCAC is designed to promote and encourage Christian artists around the globe by creating a venue of high level interactive exposure through the world renowned site, "We do not tell artists what to create; we just say 'CREATE!' This year we gave out $3,000 in Cash Awards and over $3,000 in gifts to the winners." Stephen shared enthusiastically.

ART for GOD will be promoting these wonderful works of art year round on the web, through media, and in retail outlets beginning with the ART for God Gallery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The diverse talents exhibited in many styles and mediums should bring immense hope and joy to others whose souls are brightened and spirits lifted by the powerful messages of these outstanding Christian artists and their images.

The age of the artists who entered the National Christian Art Competition ranged from 18 to 78. There were amateur and professional artists, home schooled students, students in college, and mothers returning to their paintbrushes after years of raising their children. The work was sometimes profoundly simple and sometimes so sublime that the judges wept. Every style of entry; realism, abstract, photo retouched, and cartoons found themselves somewhere in the winner's spotlight.

"As an artist and one of the judges I was amazed by the range of personal joys and sorrows that were the foundation of our artists' entries. These are men and women of great depth who have shared their personal testimonies in word and art and have touched many people already. Sharing their vision with the world is long past due. I knew the National Christian Art Competition needed to exist. After thousands of hours of labor promoting the competition and developing the website we are still a work in progress. The ideas for advancing and promoting this project are coming in like a squadron of bees heading for the flowers of spring." Sawyer said.

"As with most endeavors that truly serve others, it takes longer, is more expensive, and far more difficult than we can anticipate. But God knows I am willing and with the help of family and friends, we can do great and mighty deeds in service to our Creative Heavenly Father who is the first and most wonderful artist." Sawyer said with a tired but enthusiastic smile.


Visit the website and enjoy God's creative children at work.