New Reality TV Show "Book Millionaire" Announces Casting Call

Authors seeking publisher to publish fiction or non-fiction may apply for the fall 2005 season.

New York, NY (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) April 13, 2005 -- "Book Millionaire," a new reality TV show featuring authors seeking to publish fiction or non-fiction, announces an open casting call for the show's debut season airing fall 2005. Eight people who want to become published writers or achieve best-selling celebrity status will meet with the "Book Millionaire" Publisher Committee in August 2005 to begin filming. The application deadline is July 31, 2005; applications and details are available at now.

Host and Executive Producer Lori Prokop explained, "Successful authors are often interesting, unconventional people. Best-selling and celebrity status happens for authors because they have unique or entertaining ideas, writings and stories. They also have the abilities and personalities to get the attention of the readers. In addition to achieving best-selling status, this also makes for great TV."

"Book Millionaire" will feature candidate authors with varying experience from all walks of life. Whether looking to publish fiction or non-fiction, self-published and unpublished writers as well as those with rough manuscripts and book ideas are encouraged to apply.

The number of new books published per year has skyrocketed from 50,000 in 1985 to near 200,000 in 2004, many written by first-time writers. As famous book clubs like the Oprah Winfrey Book Club have given writers incredible success, the public's interest in how to become a best-selling author has increased dramatically in a short period of time. It is estimated that for every new, published author, there are five other writers trying to make it. Combine the 1,000,000 writers a year interested in becoming published with the established appeal of reality TV and "Book Millionaire" is positioned to become the next big reality TV show hit.

In the first season, the candidates will be placed on multiple teams to compete in real-world book promotion assignments featuring prominent companies and currently published titles. Viewers will watch the drama unfold as the tests reveal the candidates’ personalities, marketing skills, creativity, result-producing talents and team-working abilities. The Publisher Committee, comprised of publishing and information product experts, will measure the success of these tasks.

"The mysterious veil of publishing will be lifted," Prokop continued. "Viewers will experience first-hand how best-selling authors are created. The real-life, how-to-publish information delivered in this highly entertaining way is going to make it happen for candidate authors and viewers alike."

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"Book Millionaire" Host and Executive Producer Lori Prokop has 10 years of television experience, several best-selling books with over ¼ million sold, has been voted into the International Marketing Hall of Fame 2001, is a successful speaker and trainer and is the Senior Group Publisher of Best Seller Publishing, Inc. Applications for candidate authors on the "Book Millionaire" reality TV show, along with show details and casting call dates can be found at

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