Not Your Mother’s Produce

Artist Judy Dunn introduces a new line of vessels, inspired in part by the produce aisle. Vibrant color and pattern, plus a depth of surface characterize her one of a kind pieces.

Acton, MA (PRWEB) April 20, 2005 - Traveling through a produce aisle these days can be a joy for the senses. This was the inspiration for a new line of vessels created by craftsperson Judy Dunn. Dunn works with artist grade polymer clay to create vessels in the shapes of pears, apples, and hot peppers, to name a few. The vessels are one of a kind works of art.

“I love the idea of a vessel, as opposed to a simple sculpture”, says Dunn. “The vessel makes it functional and personal. The owner finishes the work by what they decide to put inside.” The colors and complex designs on a familiar form create interest as well. Linda Ruel Flynn, retail gallery manager of The Fiber Art Center in Amherst, MA, which carries Dunn’s work, observes, “People are drawn to her work. Everyday we have people ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ over the vessels and having to study them.”

Dunn’s work is characterized by her use of color and pattern, and depth of surface to the image. She achieves this by layering translucent clay and millefiore cane slices over her original drawings on the surface of the vessel. Each piece is hand drawn by Dunn. “I love this process. I can do my drawing, and play with color and pattern, but I also get to make a functional object. It is a perfect combination for me.” Dunn also makes a line of jewelry using similar techniques.

Dunn began with the pear vessel, and then developed the apple line. The hot pepper came a bit by accident. “I was playing around with the clay trying to make a small vessel using a bubble technique, where the shape is formed against a trapped bubble of air. The clay kept developing a twist in it, which reminded me of a hot pepper. That was when I gave up on my original intent and went with the pepper.”

Judy Dunn’s work can be found for sale directly from the artist at several fine craft shows each year, and through galleries. Her work can be seen at her website,

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