Prince, Liberace and Muhammad Ali All have Something in Common

Jewelry Artist of the Stars Takes on a New Project . Designer Cabinet Jewelry Deal Signed with Carina Works.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 22, 2005 -- Famous artist Rafeal Alfandary has signed a deal with Carina Works to create a line of signed limited edition cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Carina Works a high end cabinet hardware and metal tile manufacturer located in Austin, Texas, will be unveiling the totally original functional art pieces next week. Rafael has been creating and designing jewelry for the rich and famous for 35 years . Music artist "Prince" wore a "Rafael Original" necklace for the Choice Awards this year. The list of the rich and famous Rafael jewelry wearers include: Pierre Trudeau, Red Skelton, Muhammad Ali, Alex Trebek, Joseph Campbell, Tony Lombardi, Lorne Greene, Liberace and many others. Its easy to recognize a "Rafael Original" by it's bold timeless beauty and elegance. His work has been collected by thousands of fans who have seen a good return on their investment with values 10 to 20 times above the original purchase price. Unlike vintage Rafael , which bore his machine stamped signature, the latest creations are all signed and created by Rafael's own hands and are sure to be a must have treasure to adorn any sacred space.

For those who are considering purchasing Rafael's unique art, it 's a good thing to remember that there is only a limited number of pieces available. If you want to experience a visual treat you will want to see Rafael's impressive collection of original signed jewelry and stunning designer clocks for sale online.


For commissioned design requests or additional information contact:

Rafael Alfandary at: 416-924-1163

Media Contact:
Charlie Foster
Carina Works